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A week-end full of emotions!

The 13th of July of 2024 we will say « yes » forever, we will celebrate our love and we are happy to have you with us for this week-end of celebrations!

• Programme of the week-end •

• Welcoming •
• 2pm at the domain •
• Ceremony •
• 4:30 •
• Cocktail •
• 6pm •
• Dinner & games •
• Starting at 8pm •
• Cake •
• 11pm •
• Let's dance ! •
• Starting at 11pm •

Welcome at the
domain • 2pm

Starting at 2pm on Saturday the 13th of 2024, we are waiting for you at le Domain Le puits de Jeanne for the beginning of the celebration. 

We are expecting some possible lateness and while you wait for the start of the ceremony, you’ll be able to have a drink and participate to a first event that will guide you to the ceremony location!


• 4:30pm

It’s time for the ceremony!

For practical reasons, there will only be a non-religious ceremony. It will be a beautiful moment paced by guests’ speeches, followed by the bride and grooms’ vows and rings exchange. 

Cocktail & music
• 6pm

After a beautiful emotional moment at the ceremony, it’s time to party and drink! We are inviting you to join us for the cocktail, lead in music by the talented Jeff Mailfert. Jeff is a musician friend of Olli & Cam’s, met on the road. He also has an orange Volkswagen T3 and it was the start of a beautiful friendship! Enjoy his captivating folk while having a drink on behalf of the newlyweds!


Dinner & games
• starting at 8pm

It’s important to eat! As we wanted to have a wedding that look like us, we chose to have a food truck for dinner! Robin and his nomad crêperie will offer you a delicious Brittany crepe full of seasonal vegetables. The newlyweds being vegetarians, the main course had to be too. But don’t panic if you are a meat lover, you’ll be able to find meat during the cocktail (and vegetables are good too)!

The meal won’t be served directly at the table, you will be able to go collect your meal at the food truck from 20pm and go sit wherever you please to eat !

During this time, we have some games that we’d like to play, as Cam & Olli are big fans to various games!

Cake time!
• 11pm

After eating and having fun, it’s time to cut the cake! Cam always dreamt of a beautiful cake for the wedding! So we hope it will be a happy moment that will be starting of a beautiful dance party!

Non contractual picture : this is not our future cake!


And now we dance!

And so we dance ! If we have one request for you is: enjoy it! Don’t stay seated and watch us but join us, celebrate with us!


We have one « constraint » starting at 2am, we will have to lower the music a little and close the doors accessing the outside in order to respect the guests of the domain that aren’t participating in the wedding. That of course doesn’t mean that the party is over, we just need to be a little careful ;)

The brunch
• 11am - 14•07•2024

After a day and night of partying, we hope to see you up and about to join us for a brunch on Sunday, starting at 11am. It’s the occasion to join up for a smooth moment and to recover from our emotions!


• Theme •

If you know us, you know that us, Cam & Olli, are an adventurous couple, a vanlifer couple who loves nature, hikes and evenings in front of a sunset with a glass of wine and a board game. 


We rarely have the occasion to dress « well » and a wedding is the perfect occasion to get all dressed up! We see this celebration as a nomad and boho loving gathering, on the theme you choose between: boho, bucolic, casual chic…


We are looking forward to seeing you and to take beautiful pictures!


A sensitive subject and we apologize...


As mentioned in our invitation, we are sorry to inform you that this week-end of celebration will be without kids. We love your kids (most of them are Cam’s nephews and nieces ;)) but for organizational and budget reasons, we can’t include them in our festivities! We hope you’ll understand and we are sure that your kids will have a wonderful moment with their grandparents and that you will enjoy our wedding fully!


• Want to make a gift? •

If you want to give us a present for our wedding, we are really grateful!


In this case, please choose cash or checks rather than material gifts! Since we are leaving for Australia a couple months after our wedding, we need to travel light and can’t afford storage space while we are away ;)


Thank you for understanding!


4 languages for one wedding

As you probably read on our home page, we are a multilingual couple and 4 languages will be spoken at our wedding! French, German, Bulgarian, our 3 « official » languages and English to communicate (as for Olli and Cam) between the people who don’t speak the same language. We hope that the potential language barrier won’t prevent you from meeting everyone and maybe even make new friends!

Picture time!

For Cam and Olli (maybe especially for Cam), the pictures are the most important things at the wedding. They will be the witness of this loving and festive moment, of the joy and emotions. So we couldn’t cut short on the photographer! Thanks to Instagram, Cam has been following Claudia and Jeremy for years, two photography and travel (what a coincidence right?) passionate behind the instagram account @amoureuxvoyageux. They recently began their own business as wedding photographers (amongst other things) with Flare, le studio, right at the same moment when Cam and Olli were looking for a photographer. Another coincidence?

Cam and Olli love their work, their energy and their personality and message behind their passion. And voilà, the contract was signed with Cam’s dream photographers! (Moreover, their are from Brittany so everyone is happy)


Jeremy will be here to immortalise one of the best days of our lives and we count on you to play along! Details will be communicated on the day of the wedding but our biggest wish is that you’d keep your phones in your pockets as much as possible!

Yes, it’s tempting to take pictures and videos of every moment but we really believe that it is more important to enjoy the moment without looking at it through your phone! Jeremy (and Claudia in spirit) will be here to capture our moments, so go with the flow!

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