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To sleep under the stars, it's possible!

One of the reasons why we chose the domain Le puits de Jeanne to celebrate our love is its field designed to welcome vans and campers! Vanlife is in Cam & Olli’s DNA and in a lot of our guests’ DNA as well!


If you want to sleep in a van or somewhere else, all information are right under!

Domaine Le puits de Jeanne

Penn A Nec'h29650 Plouégat-Moysan, France

Sleep in a van

If like us you have a van and you want to sleep in it at the wedding, it’s totally possible, encouraged even (the more the merrier)!

Le puits de Jeanne is provided with a field for almost 20 vans. 

If you want to come with a van, please send us a message so we can estimate the number of attending vans and let the owners know. 


The bonus of coming with a van : experiment our way of life and sleep right on the spot ;)


Sleeping in a tent

Some of you already expressed to us the idea of sleeping in a tent. The owners don’t really accept tents as they prefer vans and campers. However it might be possible to welcome 2 or 3 SMALL tents TOPS on the van field. If you want to sleep in a tent, please contact us so we can estimate how many of you want to and see if we can organise it properly :)


Sleeping in a hotel

No vans or a tent? No problems! You can find here after a selection of hotels, gites or rentals around the domain. You can also of course check out Airbnb. The Domain Le puits de Jeanne has appartements and houses for rent (not including those saved for the wedding), if you want to take a week of holidays in Bretagne! (Booking at the domain are a week minimum). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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